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Riga to seek "loop hole" to authorize free rides on public transportation on snow days

BC, Riga, 12.06.2013.Print version
The Riga City Council's spokesman Ugis Vidauskis said yesterday that the municipality will do everything it possibly can to find a legal "loop hole" to continue the free rides on public transportation for car drivers on snow days next winter, informs LETA.

This after the Supreme Court threw the case out of court earlier today because the petition filed by the city council failed to follow standard procedure.


The municipality's petition had requested cancellation of Environment/Regional Development Minister Edmunds Sprudzs' subsequent decree halting the free rides.


Now, the city council has resolved to seek other avenues to revive them, whose objective – as Mayor Nils Usakovs has pointed out, is to ease traffic congestion and lessen the number of cars so that snow plows can do their job.

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