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Riga insists that free public transport for motorists during heavy snow is legitimate

BC, Riga, 22.01.2013.Print version
This morning, Riga City Council's Transport Committee members acquainted themselves with the letter from the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry and the opinion of the Riga City Council's legal experts, and decided to reject the ministry's viewpoint and leave the current municipal regulations on motorists using public transport free of charge in case of heavy snowfall, unchanged, reports LETA.

Riga City Council Executive Director Juris Radzevics stressed that there were no binding regulations, either, for such occasions as November 18 Independence Day, New Year's Eve/Day, the Song and Dance Festival and suchlike, when public transport is also designated free.


If the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry still insists that the Riga City Council's decision permitting motorists to use public transport for free in adverse weather is against the law and lifts it, the municipality will turn to courts to prove that it is right.


Radzevics said that the final decision would be up to the authorities. However, if the winter-time free rides are overturned as being not in line with the law, then free public transport on November 18 and other holidays should also be overturned.

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