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Klaipeda port abused by government's energy plans

Danuta Pavilenene, BC, Vilnius, 23.08.2012.Print version
Klaipeda State Sea Port Authority General Director Eugenijus Gentvilas says that the Port Authority and the whole port are being abused by the Government's plans for energy and usually, the interests of the port and its companies are disregarded, Jura24 reports.

The constructors of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) expressed their wish to ship their cargo through the port of Klaipeda and its northern part. They ask for the KLASCO embankments 8-9 or the construction of a new terminal near the Embankment Zero. Presently, the embankments 8 and 9 are being finished to reconstruct, writes LETA/ELTA.


"In case the equipment of the Ignalina NPP is loaded in the embankments 7 and 9, the work for KLASCO will be limited. Also, our investments risk receiving smaller dividends," noted Klaipeda State Sea Port Authority General Director Eugenijus Gentvilas.


The deep-water embankments are profitable because they are constantly used by various ships. If the equipment for the Ignalina NPP is loaded here, then the embankments will stand empty for some time.


Another option for this is the construction of a new embankment in order to meet the requirements of the Ignalina NPP. The construction of such embankment might cost LTL 50 million (EUR 14.48 million).


The construction of such embankment could be useful for the port: later, it could be used by Klaipeda Oil Company. However, it is unclear which company could construct special (and very expensive) lots for heavyweight cargoes. Oil products' companies are not interested in such investments: they do not require such lots for heavyweight cargoes.


Another issue regards security because it is still unclear whether the building of such an embankment fits the security standards. Gentvilas pointed out that they have received data from the Danish Shipping Institute (where the model of Klaipeda port is located) that such an embankment could damage the port's security. However, the representatives of the Ignalina NPP claim that they received different explanations from the Danish Shipping Institute, explaining that an additional embankment could not affect the port's security.


According to the representatives of the Ignalina NPP, the port's northern port could be utilized for the shipping and transportations of heavyweight cargoes.

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