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Transport workers start support strike in Tallinn

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 08.03.2012.Print version
Estonian railway workers and public transport drivers in Estonia's capital Tallinn launched a strike in support of wage increase demands of teachers and against planned amendments in collective labour contracts law on Thursday, causing disruptions in railway traffic and halting almost completely public transport in Tallinn, LETA/National Broadcasting reports.

The Transport Trade Union announced Thursday morning that public transport in the city does not operate, with the exception of around 25% of tram traffic and a few bus routes, like that from the city centre to the airport, that are serviced irregularly. Out of 271 buses of the Tallinn Bus Company scheduled to go on lines, 28 departed in the morning. All trolleybuses were at standstill.


Transport Trade Union chairman, general head of the strike Peep Peterson said that the trade union keeps trams operating out of good will. "We hope for a dialogue with the government, to freeze processing the collective labour agreements law," he said, adding that all strikers also support teachers in their wage demands.


The situation in streets was peaceful and there weren’t many more traffic jams than on ordinary business days, partly probably also because due to the teachers strike, most schools and kindergartens in the city are closed for the second day.


Railway Workers Trade Union said that Koidula border station locomotive crews, Tartu station railcar supervisors, locomotive crews and train assemblers, Narva station's technical office operators, railcar supervisors and locomotive crews and Tapa station's operators and station managers joined the strike.


The intercity passenger train operator Edelaraudtee said that 18 trips will take place today, which is a half of the usual amount.


Elektriraudtee, which operates electric trains in Tallinn and its vicinity, said that its traffic started as usual in the morning and will hopefully continue this way throughout the day, since all of the company's staff scheduled to work today have promised not to join the strike.


Railway infrastructure operator Eesti Raudtee has also promised to guarantee traffic operations in the railways.

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