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Ryanair's debt to Latvijas gaisa satiksme reaches EUR 500,000

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 03.11.2011.Print version
Irish low-fare airline Ryanair, which celebrated its seventh anniversary since beginning operation at Riga International Airport yesterday, still has not settled its debt with the air navigation services company Latvijas Gaisa satiksme (LGS), with its debt reaching EUR 500,000, the business information portal was informed by LGS.

As LGS informs, Ryanair has not paid for the company's services for a long period of time. LGS has also filed a claim in Riga Regional Court.


The next court date is scheduled in February, 2012.


As reported, this past March, LGS turned to the Administrative Regional Court with an LVL 262,917 claim against Ryanair over the airline's debts for LGS services.


This debt has increased to EUR 500,000.


Ryanair, on the other hand, insists that it does not owe LGS anything. The airline believes that all payments it must pay in Riga are included in the Riga Airport tax, which the airline pays for every passenger.


The airport's CEO Arnis Luhse previously admitted that the Irish airline believes that it does not have to pay anything besides the airport tax. However, the airport will not pay the bills for the airline either, he said.


At the moment, Ryanair flies to 15 destinations from Riga.

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