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Court approves Riga Airport's settlement with airBaltic

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 06.07.2011.Print version
Riga Regional Court today approved a settlement between the Riga International Airport and national airline airBaltic over the collection of a LVL 3.42 million debt.

The airport's attorney Viktors Tihonovs and airBaltic attorney Agnese Hertpenga confirmed during the hearing that both parties had accepted the settlement of their own free will, and asked the court to endorse the settlement.


Therefore, the proceedings in the case have been dismissed. The court also lifted the prior court decision that ordered payments received by airBaltic from third parties to be frozen, as well as to freeze the airline's money in its bank accounts, writes LETA.


The Regional Court's decision may be appealed within ten days to the Supreme Court.


As reported, airBaltic has agreed to pay its debt to the airport plus a contractual penalty – LVL 7.15 million altogether – according to a schedule approved by both sides.


The airport and the airline said in a joint statement to the press that they had reached a solution acceptable to both sides, putting an end to a dispute that had continued for more than a year.


In mid-March, Riga Airport turned to the Supreme Court over the Riga Regional Court's ruling at the end of last year not to arrest airBaltic payments from third parties and funds in bank accounts, in the amount of LVL 2,548,881 altogether.


Previously airBaltic and the airport made several claims against each other.


airBaltic claimed that it had overpaid the airport EUR 34 million over the past several years, and filed a lawsuit for the same amount against the airline.

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