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Estonian Air introduces new rules for luggage transportation

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 03.06.2011.Print version
Estonia-based airline Estonian Air switches from the current weight-based baggage concept to a unit-based one, aiming to unify its baggage rules with the main partner airlines. This will result in increase of the free baggage weight allowance and also in the maximum size of cabin baggage.

According to the new rules, the weight allowance of free baggage increases substantially, especially for passengers holding Flexible Economy and Business Class tickets. The new rules set also increased maximum sizes (56x45x25 cm) of hand baggage, with the maximum weight of 8 kg, informs LETA.


"The new baggage rules are much simpler and clearer for our customers, especially those who are going to connecting flights," commented Rauno Parras, Commercial Vice President of Estonian Air the changed baggage rules.


The new baggage rules shall enter into force as from July 1, 2011, applicable to those customers whose tickets were issued on June 1, 2011, or later. Old baggage rules apply for the customers who have purchased their tickets prior to June 1, 2011.


Starting from July 1, 2011, passengers with Economy Class tickets are able to check in one baggage unit free of charge with a maximum weight of 23 kg (the earlier maximum weight was 20 kg).


Passengers with Flexible Economy Class tickets are allowed to check in free of charge up to two baggage unites with a maximum weight of 23 kg each (in total 46 kg; the earlier maximum weight was 30 kg). Passengers with Business Class tickets are allowed to check in two baggage units free of charge with a maximum weight of 32 kg each (in total 64 kg, the earlier maximum weight was 30 kg).


Furthermore, EuroBonus members holding Gold or Silver Cards are able to check in free of charge one extra baggage unit. The maximum weight of this extra unit equals with the maximum weight of the baggage unit allowed for the passengers flying in the corresponding class.


Most airlines are changing the baggage concept to simplify and make it more understandable, especially for passengers taking connecting flights. Estonian Air recommends to contact the airline or travel agency prior the flight in order to be informed about the airline’s baggage rules.


Furthermore, also hand baggage limits are changed. From July 1, 2011, the maximum hand baggage size is 56x45x25 cm (previously: 45x35x20 cm). If earlier only one hand baggage was allowed to be taken onboard, then now more baggage units are allowed (for instance: computer bag, handbag etc.), the maximum weight of which may not exceed 8 kg.

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