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Lithuanian deputy transport minister signs declaration on Via Carpatia highway

Danuta Pavilenene, BC, Vilnius, 25.10.2010.Print version
In Lancut on Friday, Deputy Transport Minister Arunas Staras signed a declaration on building the Via Carpatia highway together with the representatives of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. With a southern stretch, Via Baltica will connect Poland, the Baltic States and Southeast European countries.

By signing the declaration, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania added more weight to a project launched in Lancut in 2006 by Poland and joined by Lithuania, Slovakia and Hungary. Via Carpatia is expected to contribute significantly to the development of EU transport infrastructure in the East of the EU, reports LETA/ELTA.


According to Deputy Transport Minister Arunas Staras, Via Carpatia will be another example of successful cooperation among the new EU member states. Lithuania and Poland has already experience in implementing similar international initiatives on road transport. The international Via Baltica project is helping to create better traffic conditions for the Baltic States and Central and Western Europe.


Such projects give the opportunity to speak with one voice on key areas such as the trans-European transport policy and its implementation in the development of transport infrastructure of international importance in North-South direction in the region, Staras says.


"This is an important tool to draw the EU's attention to the problems and their solutions which are important to these countries," the Lithuanian deputy transport minister said.

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