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SAS first with “curved-approaches” at Stockholm’s Arlanda

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 11.05.2010.Print version
SAS became the first airline to be granted permission to use “curved-approaches” with its Boeing 737 NG at Stockholm Arlanda. In practice, this means that the approach is made using satellite-based GPS instead of the traditional instrument landing system (ILS). This makes it possible to reduce noise exposure in sensitive areas around the airport.

SAS is the first airline in Europe to be granted formal approval to use RNP AR (Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required) in daily commercial operation on the basis of the EASA’s, (European Aviation Safety Agency).


“We are proud to be leading the way in using advanced system support to make our flights more efficient. The technology behind curved approaches provides us with the opportunity to further streamline our green approaches and to make even greater emission reductions. It is a major benefit to Arlanda Airport — and its neighbours — that SAS is pursuing this development. Now the airport operator, together with air traffic control will work together to be able to offer both green and curved approaches to the airport’s various runways in the future,” concludes for BC Marek Pedersen, SAS Scandinavian Airlines District Manager Latvia & East Europe.

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