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Ammonium fertilizers handled safely in Lithuania's Klaipeda

BC, Vilnius, 07.08.2020.Print version
Klasco and Bega, two stevedoring companies operating in the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda, says ammonium fertilizers are handled there safely and pursuant to strict safety requirement and people have no reason to be concerned following a powerful explosion in Beirut, thought to be caused by ammonium nitrate stored there, writes LETA/BNS.

Vytautas Stombergas, Klasco's actng CEO, says fertilizers spend maximum several days in the port and are not stored, contrary to Beirut.

"We handle this product directly from railcars to ships. Any storing, let's say, if a shipment is to be sent to Australia, is done in big bags according to all norms and requirements. No more than 700 tons of short-term storage is allowed in Lithuania," Stombergas told.

Gediminas Gudavicius, head of the communication and information group at Bega, also underlined that fertilizers are not stored in the port, adding that ammonium nitrate accounts up to 1 percent of the company's handling volumes.

"There's a bunch of pieces of legislation regulating this whole process. There are checks and safety training. There's EU legislation and national legislation, and they define what preparations are needed," Gudavicius told.

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