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Estonia: Rides on Tallinn's public transport to be free for everyone until end of May

BC, Tallinn, 21.05.2020.Print version
Everyone will be able to continue to use Tallinn's public transport free of charge until the end of May, after which ticket checks will resume and passengers must either buy a ticket or validate their ride, informed LETA/BNS.

"From June 1 the previous situation will be restored whereby the right to a ride in public transport again has to be registered at the validator. Also, ticket inspectors will be checking for tickets again  all those not entitled to a free ride must obtain a ticket starting from June," Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov said through spokespeople on Wednesday.

Also the boat line to the small island of Aegna will start operation from June 1. The deputy mayor said that preparations for the start of the navigation season are already underway to make sure that the service is safe for passengers and crew members alike. In total 210 trips are to be operated during the season. 

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