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Norwegian court ruled in favour of Alexela Logistics in dispute with Vest Tank

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 08.07.2009.Print version
A Norwegian court ruled that subsidiary of Alexela Logistics needs to be paid 160 million kroons by the former owner of a fuel terminal in Norway that was acquired by Alexela, writes the National Broadcasting/LETA.

Member of the management board of Alexela Logistics Heiti Hääl said that the court ruling noted that in selling the terminal, Vest Tank knowingly misled the buyer, gave false information on the contents of containers and the existence of licences necessary for operating the terminal.


Only a day after the sales transaction in spring of 2007, a major explosion too place in the terminal.


“The company that sold the terminal was a fraudulent one and we are glad that by now, the court has ruled so,” said Hääl. He added that in addition to direct financial damages, the subsidiaries of Alexela Logistics have had to bear pressure and criticism from the public in Norway and in Estonia and that has damaged the company’s reputation and business operations.


“We have never wanted to continue the waste management business organised by owners of Vest Tank which led to the explosion,” said Hääl.


The court ruled that Vest Tank has to pay 160 million kroons to Alexela Solvag that operates the terminal in Norway to cover the costs of emptying the containers, renovating the terminal and liquidating the pollution caused by the explosion.

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