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Estonia: Excise duty on diesel fuel to be lowered 25% Friday

BC, Tallinn, 30.04.2020.Print version
The excise duty rate on diesel fuel will be lowered 25% from Friday from 493 euros to 372 euros per 1,000 liters -- the same level as in Lithuania, reported LETA/BNS.

The presumed decrease in the price of diesel fuel is 14.5 euro cents per liter.

As a result of the excise duty cut, the retail price of diesel fuel will become more competitive compared with that in Latvia and Lithuania. Diesel fuel is  also an indirect production input in the price of many goods and services.

The excise duty on diesel is also linked to the excise duty rates of many other fuel types, as a result of which, duties will also decrease on light and heavy fuel oil as well as shale oil.

The excise duty rate on special-purpose diesel fuel will fall from 133 euros to 100 euros per 1,000 liters, thereby lowering the price thereof by 4 euro cents per liter and increasing the competitiveness of Estonia's agricultural sector.

The Estonian fuel wholesaler Jetoil lowered the price of diesel fuel at a filling station in Tallinn to 0.999 euros per liter, Postimees reported on Thursday. Fuel seller Olerex soon followed suit.

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