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Covid-19 Latvia: Passenger transportation in the regions has reduced by between 50 to 60%

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Since the state of emergency was declared in the country, passenger transportation in the regions has reduced y between 50 to 60% Minister of Transport Talis Linkaits (New Conservative Party) told LETA.

"We see that the need to travel on public transport has significantly decreased. This is objective, as we have also observed an 8 percent drop in car traffic on Latvian roads. People have really started to think twice if there is a need to drive somewhere," the minister said.

He explained that this is why precautionary measures have been introduced in public transport to further restrict the movement of people and reduce the risk of residents being infected with Covid-19.

Linkaits emphasized that the main thing is for each driver to assess the need to use public transport and travel with it when only necessary, like, for example, when going to work.

Asked whether passengers or carriers could be penalized for failing to comply with the precautionary measures issued on public transport, the minister explained that the measures were adopted on the basis of the State of Emergency Law.

''I hope that we will not need to penalize anyone and that everyone will observe the measures that have been introduced. It is up to us all to remain responsible,'' he empohasized.

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