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Berman family leaves BLRT Group board

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The flagship of Estonian industry, the shipbuilding empire BLRT Grupp announced on Tuesday that Igor, Mark and Fyodor Berman retreated from BLRT Group's board and Veronika Ivanovskaja and Georgi Grigorjan took their places, LETA/Postimees Online reports.

Fyodor Berman.

"Igor Berman who previously belonged to the concern's board focuses on carrying out bigger projects of joint venture Elme Messer Gaas. Mark Berman directs his attention to building fish farming complexes and development of stevedoring services of BLRT Grupp. (Former board chairman – ed.) Fyodor Berman uses his extensive experiences and knowledge to continue the restructuring of the concern," commented BLRT Group Communications Director Katja Ljubobratets.


The change in the composition of the board took place on 12 January.


Veronika Ivanovskaja works in the group for 16 years, for the last five years she has been a member of the council of BLRT. Georgi Grigorjan works in the group for more than 14 years, the last 12 of which he managed one of the largest subsidiaries of BLRT, Elme Metall.


The group's board will also include Anatoli Onolov. New Chairman of the Board is Veronika Ivanovskaja.


BLRT Grupp is a shipbuilding, ship repairing, steelwork manufacturing, metal product processing and sales and mechanical engineering concern that unites 54 subsidiaries and 3 joint ventures in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine and employs more than 4000 specialists.

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