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USA gifts Estonia two transport planes

BC, Tallinn, 22.12.2014.Print version
US Army donates Estonia two military transport aircraft C-23B+ Sherpa, which will replace the existing Antonov An-2 aircraft, LETA/Postimees Online reports.

Sherpa C-23B+ is produced by the British company's Shorts Brothers, which today is owned by Bombardier Aerospace. Sherpa planes are strong durable aircraft, which can also be used on soft surface small airfields, and can fly in all weather conditions, said the Estonian Defence Forces Headquarters.


In addition to the three-member crew, the plane can have up to 36 passengers on board. The aircraft's maximum speed is 468 kilometres per hour and a maximum flight distance of 1,900 kilometres.


The planes to be gifted to the Estonian Air Force were used by the US Army. US forces have used the Sherpa C-23B+ type of aircraft since 1985.


Estonian Air Force uses light transport aircraft for tactical gunners and aimers practice, observation flights, medical evacuation operations and different other transport flights in Estonia and outside.


Estonian Air Force expects to receive the airplanes in 2015, after the United States has carried out the corresponding training to Estonian Air Force pilots and plane maintenance crews.


According to the US Army information, eight C-23 Sherpas are given to Estonia, the Philippines and Djibouti.

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