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Estonian travel companies: air passengers shouldn't have to isolate

BC, Tallinn, 04.12.2020.Print version
According to the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association (ETFL), the government should implement the guidelines of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) published on December 2nd, which do not consider mandatory self-isolation and testing of air passengers necessary, informs LETA/BNS.

ETFL president Tiit Pruuli said the new guidelines are a step that would help airlines, travel agencies, accommodation companies and other tourism-related companies to operate more effectively in the crisis situation without increasing the risk of the virus spreading.

"We said already in the fall that there is a significantly lower chance of getting the virus in air travel than, for example, through close contacts on a city street. If a person is healthy, follows the rules and uses protective measures, they have no reason to quarantine for ten days after the flight," Pruuli said in a press release.

"We expect the government to quickly approve the new guidelines, at least for air passengers from EU member states," he added.

According to him, experts have previously pointed out that, from an epidemiological point of view, direct flights are safer than daily life with many contacts.

According to the guidelines, air passengers should continue to be informed about the destination's virus information and mandatory security measures before the start of the journey, and that existing anti-COVID-19 measures at both airports and aircraft should be continued.

The ETFL is a voluntary association of tourism-related employers bringing together 77 members. The main members of the association are Estonian travel agencies and tour operators, with co-members including transport companies, tourism organizations, educational institutions, hotels, insurance companies, providers of support services in the field of tourism and foreign tourism organizations.

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