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Latvia could allocate EUR 742,000 to accommodate persons infected with Covid-19 at hotels

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The placement of Covid-19 infected and contact persons in hotels could start around Christmas and the state could allocate EUR 742,000 to this support mechanism, the Minister of Economics Janis Vitenbergs (KPV LV) informed LETA.

On Thursday, a working group chaired by Minister of Finance Janis Reirs (New Unity) to support entrepreneurship and employment heard a report prepared by the Ministry of Economics on the readiness of tourist accommodation to accommodate persons with confirmed Covid-19 infection or their contact persons.

According to Vitenbergs, the working group has given the "green light" to move forward with this support mechanism and the ministry could submit specific proposals to the government on December 15. The minister expressed hope that the accommodation of Covid-19 patients and contact persons in hotels could start at around Christmas.

The ministry's initial estimates suggest that the hotels could accommodate 1,150 people, who would stay there for 15 days. The state is ready to cover the stay of these persons in a hotel by dedicating EUR 43 per day or EUR 645 for one person for the entire 15-day period. Expenses - 43 euros per day - are determined taking into account the information provided by tourist accommodation on the average fixed price in hotels.

Vitenbergs added that in case a person wants to use hotel "extras" or additional services, then the person will pay for them separately.

It is currently estimated that EUR 741,750 is needed from the budget to provide this mechanism, but Vitenbergs added that this amount could increase if necessary.

The Minister of Economics informed that representatives of about 30 hotels have expressed readiness to accommodate Covid-19 infected people in their hotels and their contact persons. Riga hotels have mainly expressed their readiness to participate in the support mechanism, however, it is expected that in time hotels in the regions will also join in.

It is expected that support will be provided in the form of vouchers for individuals, allowing the individual to choose a hotel from a pre-identified and compiled list of accommodation offers.

"This support mechanism will provide an opportunity not only to help the health system and the population, but also the hospitality industry," said the minister.

As reported, according to the National Health Service's data, with 92 Covid-19 patients hospitalized in the past 24 hours, the total number of coronavirus patients in hospitals has fallen 552. Of these patients 503 have symptoms of medium severity and 49 are suffering severe symptoms.

In the past 24 hours, 51 Covid-19 patients have been discharged from hospitals, The total number of Covid-19 patients discharged from hospitals so far is 4,185.

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