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Riga City Council to decide on selling of Lucavsala

BC, Riga, 08.07.2014.Print version
The Riga City Council will decide on selling Lucavsala at auction today, while the council's opponents and residents of Lucavsala are protesting against it. Demonstrators will gather on the Town Hall Square at 1:30 p.m. to protest against Riga City Council's intention, reports LETA.

According to the draft, Riga City Council plans to sell 10 lots – a total of 102.9 hectares. The only connection to Lucavsala is through Salu Bridge, which divides Lucavsala in two parts. The west side of Lucavsala has practically no pedestrian roads, while the majority of territory of Lucavsala is not accessible.


Considering the presence of natural resources and environmental protection regulations, in order to improve Lucavsala's infrastructure, it requires large amounts of investments, therefore, Riga City Council proposes selling these lots to "facilitate funding of Lucavsala's territorial development and achieve more effective and rapid land development."


Protesting the move, the family gardens union "Jumpravsala", Environmental Protection Club and youth organization "Lucavsalas ekokopiena" will hold a demonstration today against the expropriation of Lucavsala, as they believe selling the largest green area in downtown Riga is inadmissible.

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