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Latvian Kemeri Sanatorium privatizers disappear, leaving heaps of documents behind

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 21.08.2012.Print version
Ominasis Latvia, which belongs to Arab investors and is the privatizer of the Kemeri Sanatorium, has vanished into thin air, leaving heaps of documents behind, the portal reports.

This is yet another unpleasant development regarding the company that has not managed to complete the reconstruction of the sanatorium and faces several insolvency claims and proceedings, writes LETA/


Ominasis Latvia, previously owned by Saudi Arabian investor Omar Saleh Al Hamdy, purchased the sanatorium 14 years ago. During these years, the company was constantly reproached for not fulfilling privatization terms, sluggish reconstruction and insufficient investments. The company was also involved in various lawsuits for not fulfilling its commitments.


However, the Privatization Agency did not make any strict decisions regarding Ominasis Latvia by 2009 and is no longer able to do so, since, three years ago, it received auditor conclusions that the required investments – LVL 10 million – were made, even though delayed, and the agency's board decided that the investment terms were fulfilled.


Other state institutions did not achieve anything as well. Even though the sanatorium's reconstruction has not been completed, no sanctions can be imposed on Ominasis Latvia, since the building was not damaged and heating was ensured as well. reports that Ominasis Latvia, which currently belongs to Ali Hassan Al Hamdy, perhaps, has lost its interest in the sanatorium, as indicated by the company secretly abandoning its office and leaving piles of documents behind.


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