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Lithuania's Kauno Tiltai repeatedy participates in tender for renovation of Deglava Bridge in Riga

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Lithuanian construction company Kauno Tiltai repeatedly participates in the tender for renovation of Deglava Bridge in Riga, LETA learned in the Riga local council.

There are two bidders in the tender - Lithuania's Kauno Tiltai and Latvia's Tilts. 

As reported, the Riga City Council transport department in the middle of April terminated the contract with Kauno Tiltai, the winner of the previous tender, for failure to meet the obligations set in the agreement and use of inappropriate materials in construction.

Initially it was planned that renovation of the bridge would cost EUR 4.27 mln, but Kauno Tiltai has already spent this sum, therefore additional expenses are needed for second stage of the construction works.

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