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Estonian fishing companies in problems over Eastern sales

BC, Tallinn, 02.04.2014.Print version
Many Estonian fishing companies say that marketing Baltic sprats and Baltic herring in the Eastern direction is complicated and warehouses are bursting with fish caught during the spring season, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

Due to the warm and favourable winter, ships have already caught the Livonian Bay fishing quota. It is a tough question now where to put the fish.


Russia suspended the import of production of 8 Estonian fishing companies in December and although two of them have regained their export possibility, the situation continues to be tense.


Board chairman of the Union of Estonian Fishermen Mart Undrest said that the initial plan was to reduce fishing, trying to calm the market and keep the situation under control. He said that by now some room has been created in the warehouses so that ships could keep working to some extent but looking for new warehousing space "is like an everyday work for us".


The complicated political situation in Ukraine causes problems for companies exporting fish to that state too: highways were closed because of road blockages and no one wanted to transport fish to crisis areas. "The situation has improved by now somewhat but what happens next, don’t know," said Undrest.


Fish export forms around a quarter of the Estonian food industry exports. In earlier years around 75% of the 50,000 tonnes of Baltic sprats and herrings caught in Estonia has been exported to Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan.

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