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Latvian president promulgates amendments allowing to impose temporary ban on "legal drugs"

BC, Riga, 01.11.2013.Print version
Today, President Andris Berzins promulgated amendments to the Law on the Legal Trade of Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances and Drugs, which allow imposing a temporary ban of up to 12 months and exempting them from trade, according to the government's official newspaper Latvijas Vestnesis, informs LET.

The amendments will come into effect on November 14.


The amendments allow the Center for Disease Prevention and Control to impose a temporary ban of up to 12 months on preparing, purchasing, storing, transporting, dispatching or distributing new psychoactive substances or goods containing them, which are not on the lists of narcotic and psychotropic substances controlled in Latvia.


This ban will be imposed on substances reported by the European Early Warning System or coroner's inquests.

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