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PositivusMusic: event industry remains grounded to a halt in Latvia

BC, Riga, 16.10.2020.Print version
The event entertainment industry remains grounded to a halt, which is why we plan to request state support, the director of the PositivusMusic concert agency and co-owner of the Palladium concert venue Girts Majors told LETA.

He stressed that the situation in the sector at the moment is identical to the situation when the state of emergency was declared. Depending on the specifics of event organizers, activity was possible only to a minimal extent, however, it is not actually possible to organize profitable commercial events.

Majors explained that most of the events that took place during the pandemic were co-financed, as this form of event is almost the only one possible during the Covid-19 pandemic. "In conditions of limited capacity, the activities of event organizers, venues and technical companies have been completely suspended. The decline in the turnover of our company is close to 100%," emphasized the head of the concert agency PositivusMusic.

According to him, representatives of the event industry predict that it will not be possible to resume operations in winter or spring, setting cautious expectations for next summer. Majors praised the ability of the state and the government to find separate support programs for the sector and, given the current situation, it is planned to turn to the state and ask for support for the sector in the new year as well.

"All possible programs will end this year and there is little clarity about next year. There will certainly be discussions, being aware of the situation in winter and spring," said the co-owner of the Palladium concert venue.

He emphasized that state aid could be requested for those sectors that have been completely been grounded to a halt, not restricted. Majors also emphasized that so far companies have done a lot to keep costs to a minimum, but help is needed to keep them alive.

"We believe that limiting and combating the pandemic is largely a matter for certain sectors of the economy. Many are affected, but some are completely suspended - the tourism, hospitality, entertainment and concert industries, so asking for support seems a logical and justified step," Majors said.

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