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Shopping centre "Alfa" installs first antibacterial solution for escalators in Latvia

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In August, 2020, the installation of the antibacterial escalator armrests and sterilisation modules was implemented in the shopping centre "Alfa", the project being first of its kind in Latvia. The innovation reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses at moments when hands come into contact with escalator railings

At a time when the issue of hygiene, especially when visiting public places, is at the forefront of the minds of many, technological solutions are also changing and evolving. One of the innovations in the local market is the antibacterial solution for escalator armrests and the sterilization modules for escalator handrails with ultraviolet rays. Continuous automatic disinfection of the armrest surface is ensured in an efficient and environmentally friendly way, preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses. They are visually distinguished by special stickers and labels.

For the time being, there are two escalators on the ground floor of the shopping centre "Alfa" that feature antibacterial armrests and LED UV-C handrail sterilization modules.

"The shopping centre is visited by thousands of people every day, so when we consider issues regarding health and hygiene, as well as ways of limiting the spread of viruses, we are prepared to try out innovative solutions in order to contribute to the betterment of public health. The project was implemented in cooperation with our partner SIA Termex, said Liene Apine, manager of the shopping centre "Alfa".

SIA Termex is the first company to develop an antibacterial escalator armrest solution for escalators in Latvia. The company's representative Ivars Auniņš reveals: "Our company strives to work with new and effective solutions, putting the interests of society and the environment at the forefront. Following the innovations in the industry and trusting in the quality of the technologies produced by Schindler, together with the shopping centre "Alfa", we have taken an important step for public health and safety, creating an environment that meets the requirements of the future."

A special formula was used in the production of antibacterial armrests, combining a special antibacterial agent together with TPU granules. When microbes land on the surface of NT CleanRail armrests, the antimicrobial additive on the armrest attacks the "walls" of microbial cells. The protective "walls" are broken down and a special antibacterial substance begins to suppress the microbial mitochondria (protein/DNA). The mitochondria are unable to store energy and as a result are unable to reproduce/live.

The compact LED UV-C handrail sterilization module is installed inside the handrail, thus preventing the risk of contact. With the help of UV-C radiation, 93.3% of the bacteria is eliminated within five rotation cycles and up to 99.9% - within 10 rotation cycles.

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