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Turnover of Skogssallskapet forest manager down 4.7% in past FY

BC, Tallinn, 24.01.2020.Print version
Private forest manager Skogssallskapet in the last financial year from September 1, 2018, until August 31, 2019, generated EUR 920,584 in turnover, which is by 4.7% lower than in the previous financial year, while the company's loss increased by 3% to EUR 239,357, according to business database writes LETA/BNS.

The company's management reported that in last financial year the company worked in Latvia and Sweden. The company's turnover stabilized and its gross profit was at the same level as in the previous year.

In the future Skogssallskapet plans to actively work on expanding operations of the existing customers and attracting new customers.

In the previous financial year from September 1, 2017, until August 31, 2018,  the company generated EUR 965,984 in turnover and closed the period with EUR 232,420 in loss.

Skogssallskapet was registered in 2005 and has a share capital of EUR 4,830. The company belongs to Latvian company Skogssallskapet Holding, the owner of which is Swedish company Skogssallskapet AB.

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