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Prices of diesel fuel, beer, cigarettes to grow in Latvia

BC, Riga, 03.01.2018.Print version
Amendments to the Law on Excise Tax came into force on January 1, 2018, according to which excise tax will be raised on several products - excise tax on diesel fuel increased on January 1, excise tax on beer will increase on March 1, and excise tax on cigarettes will increase on July 1, reports LETA.

The Finance Ministry explained that the excise tax hike will push the price of non-lead gasoline up by EUR 0.048 per liter, and price of diesel fuel up by EUR 0.038 per liter.


A 0.7-liter bottle of wine will cost by EUR 0.119 more this year. A 0.5-liter bottle of vodka will cost by EUR 0.532 more.


A 0.5-liter bottle of beer will cost by EUR 0.072 more, while the price of a package of cigarettes will grow by EUR 0.243 this year.

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