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LTV: illegal immigration via Latvia increasing due to Ukrainian conflict

BC, Riga, 10.11.2014.Print version
The number of illegal immigrants in Latvia has increased due to the Ukrainian conflict, the Latvian Television show "De facto" reported yesterday, cites LETA.

Military operations in eastern Ukraine have closed one of the most prominent illegal immigration transit corridors at the Russian border, and part of it has shifted to the Baltic border.


Smugglers are gladly taking part in a new type of "business" – transportation of illegal immigrants. The economic situation in Latvia encourages people to get involved with these activities without considering the consequences.


Several groups of Vietnamese illegal immigrants were arrested during the past couple of months. Border guards have also intercepted illegal immigrants who managed to reach Lithuania and Poland.


These persons are usually sent back to Latvia, and then back to their home countries.

Transporting illegal immigrants is an activity dangerous both to the transporter and the immigrants. One illegal immigrant died earlier this fall when trying to cross the border through the Daugava River.

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