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Armands Ruks selected for position of State Police chief in Latvia

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State Police Criminal Investigation Department's Chief Armands Ruks has been selected for the vacant position of the State Police chief in Latvia, according to unofficial information at the disposal of LETA.

Ruks has been selected by Interior Minister Sandis Girgens (KPV LV). Ruks was not one of the three publicly discussed candidates for the position.

The ruling coalition is currently discussing the issue, and the Cabinet of Ministers will discuss it next week.

LETA learned that Ruks was appointed the chief of the State Police Criminal Investigation Department in summer. Information about his previous position is confidential. Ruks is also a lecturer at the State Police College.

As reported, Girgens promised to announce his decision on the new State Police chief candidate this week - after he has informed the prime minister and coalition partners on his decision.

Three police chiefs have applied for the position - Deputy Chief of the Administrative Department of State Police, Colonel Normunds Grubis, and the only generals in the police service - the current acting State Police Chief Andrejs Grisins and the Chief of the Riga Regional Police Administration Juris Sulte.

The evaluation committee for the position of State Police (VP) chief has completed its work and has recommended all three candidates to the interior minister for confirmation.

Girgens however decided that none of the three candidates would be able to deal with the long-lasting problems within the police, procurement system and recruitment, therefore, he decided himself to come up with a fourth candidate.

Andrejs Grisins, the current acting State Police chief, earned the highest number of points in the competition for the position of State Police chief, but taking into account his health condition, Armands Ruks was selected instead, who is a professional with an appropriate vision for the development of the State Police, Interior Minister Sandis Girgens (KPV LV) told LETA.

Girgens stated that Grisins is having health problems. The minister had an individual conversation with him, in which Grisins himself confirmed to the minister that it would only be fair if a person could be appointed to the position of State Police chief, who would be able to change the State Police in general and introduce the necessary changes.

"Given that Grisins cannot take up this position, we looked at a wider range of candidates, and my candidate was Armands Ruks, who this summer passed the competition and became the head of the Criminal Investigation Department. Grisins also expressed his readiness to support my choice,'' Girgens said.

The minister is convinced that Ruks is a professional with an appropriate vision for the development of the State Police. The minister praised the fact that Ruks has a deeper understanding of public administration in general and experience in cooperation with other services and international partners. Ruks, who has a master's degree and gives lectures at the State Police College and Riga Stradins University, is also an expert in various international projects.

Girgens confirmed that Ruks has also undergone a polygraph examination, in which no risks were identified.

Girgens said that he acquainted coalition partners with Ruks' candidacy yesterday, and that nobody had any objections. The minister hopes that Ruks could be appointed already next week. In order for the procedure to be transparent, the public and media will now have a week to discuss this candidate.

Meanwhile, Ruks himself told LETA that he is ready to undertake this challenge, but first would like to await the government's decision before making any comments. He added that he will continue to concentrate on his current work.

LETA also reported, the previous State Police Chief Ints Kuzis stepped down in February of this year.

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