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Lithuania brings back mandatory face masks in public offices

BC, Vilnius, 31.07.2020.Print version
Customer-serving staff at Lithuanian state and municipal institutions and companies and their customers will have to wear face masks as of Saturday, the Health Ministry said on Friday, informs LETA/BNS.

Justice Minister Elvinas Jankevicius, who is currently standing in for Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga, signed the decree in light of the epidemiological situation in Lithuania, it said. 

The requirement to cover one's mouth and nose in public offices will not apply to children aged under six years.  

Public institutions will also have to ensure a distance of at least 1 meter between their staff and customers or set up partitions.

Among other things, the decree reintroduces the requirement to wear face masks in indoor public places, both for staff and customers, and to maintain a safe distance between people.  

Face masks will be mandatory for all people aged under six years, except for cafes and restaurants where they will be compulsory only for the customer-serving staff.

Exceptions will also apply to services that cannot be provided while wearing a mask, such as beard shaving or beauty treatments, and to visitors of sports clubs.  

Services providers, retailers, and leisure and entertainment venues, and public transport operators will have to ensure that people maintain a distance of at least one meter from one another ad that hand sanitizers are available, as well as to regularly disinfect and air premises. 

People displaying symptoms such as cough, sneezing and difficulty breathing will not be allowed in such places.


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