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Magazine: Was an attempt to murder Juta Strīķe being prepared?

Natalia Kalnina, Riga , 14.07.2020.Print version
The new issue of the magazine “Open City” features an investigation “There are no saints in the wars of the special services”. An interview entitled “The Octopus in the Latvian Style” with a businesswoman Ināra Vilkaste was published within the framework of the investigation. She reveals a series of sensational exposures in the interview. According to her, the “Octopus” is an organized criminal group (OCG) that, in her opinion, brings together former employees of the special services, current politicians and members of the criminal world.

Ināra Vilkaste states in the interview that she was the first who publicly talked about the “Octopus” in the Latvian special services, “14 years ago I openly announced that my husband, former Deputy Director General of the State Revenue Service, Director of the Customs Criminal Board Vladimirs Vaškēvičs and his family became the main target of the OCG. In her book “Attack on the State”, Ināra Vilkaste named already then the names of “werewolves”, “In my opinion, the employees of KNAB (the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau) Juta Strīķe, Juris Jurašs, Alla Juraša, Deputy Head of Military Counter-Intelligence Service, Mrs. Strīķe’s husband Maigurs Strīķe, and Aigars Sparāns, an employee of the Constitution Protection Bureau… and criminal elements stood at the cradle of the “Octopus””.

“At the beginning everything happened in an uncontrolled manner and was based on professional disinformation”, says Ināra Vilkaste in the interview. “But then the appetite started to grow, in my opinion, they wanted to expand their interests to total control over smuggling and assumption of power...”


The role of Juta Strīķe was especially emphasized in the interview, “Taking advantage of her peculiarities and emotional condition, one of those around her cleverly instilled an idea that she would be suitable for the role of a saviour, such as the new Jeanne d’Arc. I have no doubt that this was done by her old family friend and colleague, in my opinion, a pathological liar and a professional misinformant Juris Jurašs, who needed Mrs. Strīķe to cover up his machinations... As you remember Jeanne d’Arc was sacrificed, so I thought that the members-companions would make Mrs. Strīķe a sacred sacrifice, she became unwanted to them and even was in their way due to her behaviour. Scenarios could be different, I think, even to physical destruction. Besides, clues would lead to Russia...”

In an interview, Ināra Vilkaste told about the OCG, as well as about the former employee of the Constitution Protection Bureau Aigars Sparāns in regard to the attempted murder of Vladimirs Vaškevičs, “Mr. Sparāns was seen at the crime scene on 21 May 2007, he went through the police enclosure, according to my opinion to check whether Mr. Vaškevičs was alive or dead. Interestingly, during the pre-trial investigation, Mr. Sparāns tried to fabricate a fake alibi for himself: he indicated the address of the gym where he supposedly was at the time of the explosion, however, such an address had never existed. He also falsified a printout of his phone calls, showing only the phone calls after 6 o’clock p.m. He didn’t even show the other calls...”


“If we assess the last events, when the “Octopus received a row of serious blows””, explains Ināra Vilkaste in the interview, “it could be due to the growth disease: it transformed and began to seize the entire system of the State. But taking into account the geopolitical situation, our Atlantic partners could not allow such a self-activity...”

Refer for the full interview to the new issue of the magazine “Open City”





Read the author’s investigation “There are no saints in the special service wars” in the magazine “Open City”


-        What brings together former employees of the special services, politicians and members of the criminal world?

-        Who was standing at the cradle of the “Octopus in the Latvian style”?

-        Was an attempt to murder Juta Strīķe being prepared?

-        A scandalous interview with Ināra Vilkaste


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