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Estonian court punishes Russian tourist caught speeding in Narva with shock imprisonment

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An Estonian court has punished a Russian tourist, who was caught speeding at 104 kilometers per hour in the Estonian border city of Narva, with shock imprisonment, reported LETA/BNS,

During regular patrol work, police officials in Narva late on Thursday evening stopped an Infiniti passenger vehicle bearing a Russian license plate for speeding at 104 kilometers per hour on Kerese Street, the Police and Border Guard Board said.

The driver, originally from the Moscow Oblast, was sober at the time and at the court sitting justified the act by saying that he needed to get to the border crossing point quickly. There were other passengers in the car, but no children.

"The foreigner on his way to the border crossing point behaved in an extremely dangerous and irresponsible manner by driving twice as fast as was allowed in the city center of Narva. The vehicle, which was speeding on a snowy and slippery road in the dark, could have caused a traffic accident with severe consequences," Dmitri Narolin, lead investigator at the Narva police station, said. "A pedestrian would have had no chance of surviving in such a situation. Luckily, police officers caught the dangerous driver before anything could happen," he added.

The Viru County Court handed the 31-year-old driver a shock imprisonment of three days.

The man was transported to the Narva house of detention to serve his sentence.

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