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Lembergs' incomes at EUR 343,998; debts at over EUR 15 mln in 2017

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Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs' incomes last year amounted to EUR 343,998, while his debts still exceed EUR 15 million, writes LETA, according to Lembergs' declaration of income for 2017.

Lembergs' total income last year is EUR 209,413 lower than in 2016, when Lembergs' incomes totaled 553,411.

Last year, Lembergs earned EUR 97,695 for being the president and board member at Ventspils Development Agency. He also received EUR 83,080 from joint-stock company Valters Un Rapa that leases a property from the politician.

Lembergs' pension was EUR 72,319, or about EUR 6,000 a month. He began receiving his pension in 2016.

Lembergs also earned 45,092 for chairing the Freeport of Ventspils Authority, and EUR 24,000 for working as the president and board member at Latvian Transit Business Association.

Lembergs' salary at Ventspils City Council, EUR 20,758, makes up just little part of his total incomes last year.

Lembergs' savings at banks in different currencies stand at EUR 304,367, while his cash savings are at EUR 95,000.

Lembergs' debts remained practically unchanged last year as compared to 2016. He owes USD 3.5 million to one creditor, USD 1,769,303 to another creditor, and EUR 10,798,835 to a third creditor. In 2011, commenting on the significant amount of his debts, Lembergs stressed: "As for my debt obligations, I wish to inform that these debts I owe not to a bank or a credit institution, but to my children."

In 2017, Lembergs made a present worth EUR 100,000 and a donation of EUR 15,000. He himself received a donation of 16,413. Lembergs paid EUR 26,620 for legal services, took out a loan of EUR 60,000, and repaid a loan worth EUR 20,000. He also spent EUR 42,549 on travel last year, and made purchases worth EUR 12,088 and EUR 8,000.

According to Lembergs' declaration, he owns Latvijas Kugnieciba shares worth EUR 615,530, Latvijas Krajbanka shares worth EUR 8,450, several properties in Ventspils, Puze, Ugale and Riga. Lembergs owns a 2015 Porsche Cayenne, a 2007 Toyota Hilux, several boats and trailers.

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