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Estonia supports submitting electronic bills at state procurements

BC, Tallinn, 19.09.2013.Print version
The Estonian government supports the proposal of the European Commission to develop an e-bill standard which is the next step in organising electronic state procurement contests, LETA/Äripä reports.

The standard of e-bills will be developed at the Commission's order after the directive is approved.


According to plans, procurement participants have to accept e-bills corresponding to the standard and the transition to e-bills will take place ion 2018 latest.


One of the aims of the proposal of the Commission is to achieve that by the middle of 2016, member states fully adopt e-procurements. This means that all stages of the proceedings, from making the procurement public to payment take pace electronically.


Estonian finance ministry said that currently 123 or a nearly a half of state institutions can accept e-bills and the ministry is actively working on making e-billing a rule in state institutions, which means that the private sector also has to use e-bills more.


E-procurements environment was created in Estonia in 2011 and e-procurements form around 40% of all now.

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