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Riga Airport's tax-free zone reopens after renovation and modernization

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 05.03.2012.Print version
Turkish company ATU has opened a new shopping section with 15 stores at the Riga International Airport in an area of 1,307 square meters altogether.

ATU head Ersan Arcan said during the opening ceremony that EUR 2 million had been invested into renovation and modernization of the airport's shopping area, informs


The airport's CEO Arnis Luhse said that, thanks to handing over the commercial area of the airport to a private operator, the airport's income non-aviation income had increased to about 57% of the airport's total revenue, which means that airlines can be offered services of better quality at competitive prices.


Already last year, while reconstruction was still continuing, revenue from the terminal's commercial sector totaled LVL 8.6 million, which is about twice as much as in 2010, said Luhse. The operator pays the airport a fixed fee plus small percent on turnover, added Luhse.


Transport Minister Aivis Ronis stressed that the cooperation between the Riga Airport and TAV Airport holding was an excellent example of the cooperation between Latvia and Turkey. Thanks to the Turkish company, the airport's development is on the right track, with the ultimate goal being a regional transit hub.


The reconstruction and modernization of ATU tax-free zone was carried out in partnership with airport operator TAV Airports and companies Unifree and Bebr. Heinemann.

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