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World Cleanup Day to start under Estonia's leadership on Sept 19

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At midnight Estonian time on the night between Friday, Sept. 18, and Saturday, Sept. 19, the Fiji Islands in the Pacific Ocean will kick off this year's global World Cleanup Day, initiated by Estonians, writes LETA/BNS.

This year, the call and media center of the largest global citizens' initiative will be located in the Tallinn city government presentation center in the heart of Tallinn.

The call and media center in Tallinn will employ approximately 50 people in shifts, and starting Saturday morning, English-language shows will be broadcast every hour on the World Cleanup Day social media, headed by Irish national television and BBC Worldwide radio channel host Colm Flynn. Dozens of volunteers will be supporting the headquarters from their home offices.

"The occurrence of World Cleanup Day was conclusively decided only a few months ago, when the countries that took part last year decided that the world needed World Cleanup Day during this difficult year as well," Heidi Solba, president of NGO Let's Do It World, said. "In order to cope with the various obstacles and the possible deterioration of the situation, various cleanup formats were rapidly developed. We decided that, in addition to group cleaning, we are also inviting to clean up garbage individually, for example by plogging, and several international companies have opted for digital cleaning instead," Solba said.

Anneli Ohvril, executive director of World Cleanup Day organizer Let's Do It World, said that this year, more attention needs to be paid to the well-being of cleaners. "We have emphasized to all participants that the requirements of social distancing must be respected when cleaning up with a group. A mask and gloves are required in public space. In addition, the rules and instructions of the local health authority or municipality must be followed. We will be showing the world that we are together even when the rules are stricter than usual," Ohvril said.

At the same time, she said she is pleased that cleaning alone was nothing strange to people. "Cigarette picking is particularly suitable for this, which, thanks to Estonia's success last year, is in focus all over the world," she added.

Mart Normet, leader of the World Cleanup Day in Estonia, predicts that a record number of people will come out in Estonia this year. "I am especially pleased with the large number of kindergartens and schools participating. It gives hope," Normet said.

The Tallinn city government is supporting the activities of the NGO Let's Do It World in organizing the World Cleanup Day on Saturday with 5,000 euros.

On September 9, NGO Let's Do It World submitted an application clarification to the Tallinn city government for support for the activities of the World Cleanup Day team in organizing the World Cleanup Day. Support is needed for the team to acquire reusable protective masks to provide additional security in the coronavirus situation and for the production of additional marketing materials and the acquisition of the necessary technical equipment.

At least 150 countries will take part in the one-day global action. According to Solba, the number of people is difficult to predict. As the situation changes with each passing day, the exact number will be known by Sunday. Last year, 21.2 mln people from 180 countries took part in the World Cleanup Day. The country with the largest number of participants was Indonesia, with 9.8 mln people attending. In terms of percentage, Kyrgyzstan was at the forefront, with as much as 10% of the population participating in the World Cleanup Day.

The World Cleanup Day will take place from midnight Estonian time on Saturday, starting as a "green wave" from the Fiji Islands, moving around the world and ending in Hawaii at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.

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