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Number of poultry kept by Balticovo reached 3.1 mln in 2020

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The number of poultry kept by egg and egg product producer Balticovo has reached 3.1 mln this year, compared to 2.8 million poultry places last year, Toms Auskaps, Director of Communication and Development at Balticovo, told LETA.

He pointed out that Balticovo, with an investment of about ten million euros, has built two new barns for caged chickens this year, the first of which is already inhabited, and one barn for birds kept outside of cages, which was opened about six months ago. This year, it is planned to build a third hen house to keep birds outside of cages, for which a building permit has already been received. Each of these barns is home to 130,000 birds.

Balticovo is also building a new production building in Iecava. A new container warehouse with a controlled climate and modern multi-level storage systems has recently been opened. In 2021, it is planned to implement even more ambitious projects by building a new sorting room and a modern cooking workshop in Iecava.

Auskaps said that Balticovo has also purchased an abandoned barn in the Eleja region, which is being modernized and adapted for keeping birds in free-range conditions. It is also planned to open this barn this year after the renovation, investing about one million euros in it.

Balticovo's Director of Communications and Development said that in recent years, Balticovo has invested close to 30 mln euros in development.

Balticovo's turnover in 2018 amounted to EUR 48.669 mln and profit to EUR 5.37 mln.

The company has yet to release its financial report for 2019.

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