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Rietumu Has Acquired Lung Ventilators for Stradins Hospital

BC, Riga, 02.04.2020.Print version
Rietumu Bank’s Charity Fund has acquired two universal lung ventilators for Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital.

These are Trilogy 202 Philips volume-control and pressure-control ventilators. They can be applied for both invasive and noninvasive ventilation and can be connected to the oxygen supply network available in the hospital. Versatile breath delivery and setup options provide greater continuity of care. 

The devices acquired by the Fund are suitable for both adults and children. The brand and the model have been selected in accordance with the recommendations of the medical technology specialists from Stradins Hospital.

“Our Charity Fund has been cooperating with Stradins Hospital for a long time. We have been supporting its projects and programmes, and know many of its specialists and doctors well, whom we have huge respect for. I think that in the current situation such support from the Fund is not only appropriate but greatly needed, in order to retain the health of patients and facilitate the work of medical staff,” said Inga Shina, Chairperson of the Charity Fund of Rietumu Bank.

The new lung ventilators are scheduled to be delivered to the hospital next week.

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