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Estonian IT company Net Group to create digital platform for Tanzanian courts

BC, Tallinn, 06.12.2018.Print version
The Estonian business and software development company Net Group is developing a digital platform for courts in Tanzania on commission from the Tanzanian Ministry of Justice, following the implementation of which the work of the Tanzanian judiciary should become more effective and transparent, reported LETA/BNS.

Specifically, Tanzania has set itself the objective of making its legal system the best in East Africa. The task of Net Group is to design for them a state-of-the-art digital project of courts complete with a project for change management and training. 

The value of the current half-year contract is 500,000 euros, and when that contract is successfully fulfilled it will expand into a  cooperation project lasting several years, the company said on Thursday. 

The manager of Net Group, Priit Kongo, described the victory in the tender as a major milestone for Net Group in East Africa.

"East Africa is a rapidly developing region where ample opportunities exist to create new quality and help these countries in their global development by tapping into the experience of the e-success of Estonia," Kongo said.

Lembit Loo, business area manager at Net Group, described the project also as a big challenge, as the structure of courts in Tanzania is immense compared with Estonia.

"Where in Estonia there are nine courts in 21 court buildings, in Tanzania there are almost 1,200 court institutions across the country that has a population of 60 mln," he said. 

Over the past more than 15 years, Net Group has helped a number of countries and territories develop their systems of justice. Among other things, they have implemented their Courtal system in Sulaymaniyah Region in North Iraq and developed information systems for the International Criminal Court.

Building on preparatory work spanning seven years, Net Group also has in the tendering phase an offer for the digitalization of the field of the judiciary of Uganda and a court information system of Zimbabwe. All these East African countries have set the objective of bringing themselves to a new level in the context of e-governance. 

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