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Taxify global user numbers hit 10 mln

BC, Tallinn, 26.04.2018.Print version
The Estonian-developed taxi hailing platform Taxify has approximately 10 million customers globally at this point and some 500,000 drivers are users of the platform, informs LETA/BNS.

At the same time, the company continues to be waiting for a license in London to be able to relaunch its service there.

"Taxify is quite exceptional in that it is the only European company that competes with big players from the United States and Asia in ridesharing globally. In addition, we have demonstrated that in this capital intensive business where losses measuring in the billions [of dollars] are not rare it is possible also to run a business effectively. Understanding the local market and smart use of resources have been our strength. During the past six months the number of Taxify users worldwide has doubled," Taxify CEO and co-founder Markus Villig said in a press release.

At present Taxify is active in more than 20 countries, focusing on Europe and Africa. Earlier this year Taxify launched in several cities of Australia and Mexico.

During the past six months, Taxify has expanded to Paris, Lisbon and Lyon in Western Europe, and to Krakow and Kosice in Eastern Europe. The company continues to work towards a relaunch in London and has filed an application for a license with the city's transport authority.

Five million Taxify clients live in Africa.

Established in 2013, Taxify employs a workforce of 500 at its offices globally, about half of them at the head office in Tallinn. Its employees include software developers, data scientists, driver training and administration specialists, and customer support specialists.

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