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Baltic Beer Company to produce cannabis-flavored beer in Tallinn

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The U.K. based company Baltic Beer Company Ltd, which sells Estonian beer of the Viru Beer brand in several countries all over the world, is about to start producing beer containing various ingredients, seeds, extracts and terpenes from hemp and cannabis plants in Tallinn in collaboration with partners from Canada and Australia, informs LETA/BNS.

Creso Pharma, Australian developer and producer of pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals and medical cannabis products, announced on Thursday that they have teamed up with the Canadian financial investor LGC Capital and Baltic Beer Company to seat up a company named CLV Frontier Brands Pty Ltd.


Under the agreement, Creso Pharma and LGC Capital will both invest 150,000 euros in the venture, whereas Baltic Beer Company will make a contribution of the same size in the form of services.


"CLV intends to establish a pilot R&D brewing facility in Tallinn, Estonia which will be dedicated to working on innovative recipes and developing proprietary know-how and IP which will be registered by the joint venture. CLV will distribute and market products strictly in compliance with all local laws," the press release reads.


It says that CLV is currently developing an initial premium four-beer range containing unique cannabis terpene mixes as well as other innovative ingredients. These unique terpenes will carry the flavor and aroma of cannabis and will provide a sensual cannabis experience, but will not contain THC or CBD or any other cannabinoids.


Baltic Beer Company is a UK based company that created and markets the Estonian beer brand called Viru Premium Estonian Beer. Viru Beer is currently sold in numerous markets around the world including Australia, China, UK, Italy and Mexico.

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