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Puratos Latvia started selling its products in UK

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Fruit and berries processing company Puratos Latvia (formerly Pure Food) this year has started selling its products in UK, the company’s head Aigars Balodis reported LETA.

He reminded that Puratos Latvia is the largest company of Puratos Group NV. This year the company has attracted new sales markets and started cooperation with customers in the UK.


The company also continues successful operations in the existing markets, for example, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.


Balodis said that the company’s sales outside Latvia has exceeded 70%. In the Baltic states the company’s sales were at the same level as in previous years, and growth is possible only in export markets, he said.


Puratos Latvia also plans to invest up to EUR 2 million in new production equipment in order to increase production capacity by 20-25%, the head of the company, Aigars Balodis, said.


He said the company would seek EU co-financing for the project with the total cost of up to EUR 2 million which is to be completed by September 2018. The new equipment will be used to make fruit and berry additives, mostly for exports to Scandinavia and other countries outside the Baltic region.


Puratos Latvia closed 2016 with a turnover of EUR 22.151 million, up 2.6% from 2015, but its profit dropped 2.8% to EUR 672,467, according to business information website.


As reported, Pure Food, founded in 1994, was renamed as Puratos Latvia in August 2012 after its owner, Peteris Zimants, sold the company to Belgium's Puratos Group NV, which is an international group of companies making ingredients for bakeries, patisseries and chocolateries.

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