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Latvijas Finieris opens a new plant in Riga

BC, Riga, 27.10.2016.Print version
Latvijas Finieris opens a new Impregnation Plant in Riga on 27 October 2016. Its construction was started at the end of previous year. The new plant will employ a modern and environmentally friendly technology for producing impregnated paper with a higher added value, said LF representative.

Investing 10 mln euros, the production capacity has been doubled. The process will be managed by 12 employees working in three shifts. The end product will be used in other group factories in Latvia as well as exported, e.g. to Estonia, where the new plywood factory of Latvijas Finieris is located.

The new innovative impregnation line is designed and manufactured by a special order from leading European specialists, equipped with modern technologies to ensure high environmental performance and improved energy efficiency. Process gases are not released into atmosphere, but are collected and burned in a special utilization unit, which is equipped with a heat exchanger returning it back to the process – for paper drying. Hence, there is a reduction in the fossil fuel consumed (natural gas).

The building itself is distinguished by its innovative engineering solutions – more than three thousand square meters of space are supported by wooden load-bearing structures. Wall finishing also includes wooden elements. The roof is built from laminated wood panels, which were industrially produced and speeded up the construction process. These panels were delivered from Finland and were the first such panels used in Latvian wooden buildings. Thereby a new construction experience has been transferred to Latvia.

Impregnation line installed in the new plant is part of the public investment project – the company will receive a tax credit after its implementation. The support is close to 1 mln euros of the total 10 mln euro investment in the plant. State support has facilitated faster implementation of the project in an environmentally friendly way.

Janis Ciems, CEO of Latvijas Finieris: "We are constantly working on an in-depth research of technology processes and finding innovative solutions to achieve our objectives in a sustainable way. This project is yet another example where environmental issues go hand in hand with business objectives, while also benefiting the society. This is evidenced by the newly created qualified jobs, increase in taxes paid and other important indicators for development of our country."


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