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120 gigabytes documents leaked out of SRS database in Latvia

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 15.02.2010.Print version
The Latvian State Television (LTV) news magazine show "De facto" reported last night about the leak of 7.4 million documents (120 gigabytes) from the State Revenue Service's (SRS) electronic declaration system (EDS).

A "hole" has been discovered from where unknown persons removed the information in a three month period. The information pertains to the highest ranking Latvian government officials, prominent members of the business community and the general public, reports LETA.


"De facto" was told of the leak by persons calling themselves "The Fourth Reawakening People's Army". These persons were told back in spring 2009 about a hole in EDS, where all files are accessible. According to an SRS staff member, the hole was "ordered" by a high ranking SRS official.


"De facto" reported that the hole was "ingeniously simple", and that any EDS document could be downloaded without authorization by any anonymous Internet user. The hole was open three months, then closed.


"De facto" received some of the leaked files, in order to check authenticity. Among them – an LTV payroll listing with personal ID numbers.


Also leaked are data about the personal income and taxes paid by many leading company CEOs.

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