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Teachers' salaries in Latvia will be raised 30% in 2010

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 21.10.2009.Print version
"I am ready to confirm with my own signature that teachers' salaries in 2010 will be 30% higher than in the last four months of this year," Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (New Era) said in an interview with the Latvian State Radio today.

The premier added that larger funding for education next year will allow paying bonuses for teachers' extra work that is currently unpaid, such as correcting pupils' homework,, writes LETA.


On the other hand, as regards financing for higher education, it will be necessary to consider other ways to attract extra funds so that universities could continue to offer state-paid studies for students. At the moment this funding is rather limited, said Dombrovskis.


As reported, starting from this school year, teachers' gross wage rate is LVL 250 per month and they do not receive bonuses for extra duties anymore.


The Latvian Education and Science Workers' Association (LESWA) demands the Education Ministry to present official documents confirming that funds for education will be increased next year. The next LESWA meeting with the ministry's representatives will take place next week, on October 27.


Education and Science Minister Tatjana Koke informed yesterday that, starting January 2010, financing for teachers' salaries will be increased by 33% compared with the last four months of this year.

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