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On-site studies to be organized at schools

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Starting from August 1, studies at school will be organized on site, but a number of precautionary measures should be taken, organizing people flows, reducing crowding, according to the government decision today, informed LETA.

The Education and Science Ministry and the National Center for Education on Tuesday informed about the three possible scenarios for organizing school work as of September 1. Presently, if the epidemiological situation is as it is right now, A model will be put into work with studies organized on site as usual.

Also in this case, if needed, the education process can be partly conducted remotely  or in shifts, in order to ensure the necessary distancing and avoid crowding. This practice can be applied for the group of 7th-12th graders.

Schools will be responsible for the order and organization of the study process and teachers' work.

The educational institutions in cooperation with their founder will have to work an action plan in case the epidemiological situation in the institution deteriorates, decision on partially or fully remote education.

According to the amendments, a class or group is compared to a closed community without distancing requirements like a team of work colleagues. However, there must be a distance observed and no crossing flows between different classes.

Schools will have to consider how to organize catering to avoid crowing and ensure the hygiene norms and safe distribution of food.

Safety and precautionary measures will also have to be observed during extracurricular activities or events that are not directly related with the study process.

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