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Teachers' salaries in Latvia to be cut by 20% per shift

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 17.04.2009.Print version
Teachers' salaries in Latvia will be reduced by 20% per shift, as the Education and Science Ministry's representatives agreed with the unions today.

This proposal was approved as the most feasible of all proposals, taking into consideration the terms when the salary cuts have to be carried out, so that they would not affect reforms of the education sector in Latvia, as Inga Stale, Director of the Financial Department at the Education and Science Ministry, told LETA.


If the government endorses the proposal, teachers' salaries will be reduced LVL 69 per shift.


The Latvian Education and Science Workers Union's representative Baiba Baskere said that the agreement reached with the Education and Science Ministry is the lesser evil, yet the union will continue organizing protests, staging a strike will also be considered.


Asked whether teachers' salaries could be reduced more yet if the government approves stiffer budget cuts, Stale said that it is outright impossible, because in such a case teachers' salaries would not even reach the minimum subsistence level.

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