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Wizz Air makes another round of cancellations of flights from Vilnius

Simonas Bartkus Marketing executive in aviation business, 14.01.2019.Print version
In Autumn 2018 airline announced reduce based aircraft in Vilnius Airport from 4 to 3. Wizz Air said its temporary, and aircraft will come back in Summer 2019. Well, it's not true.

Wizz Air stopped flights to Warsaw in October. The route to Gdansk to be canceled next week. Flights from Vilnius to Gothenburg will stop at the end of January. The route to Stockholm Skavsta will be canceled at the end of March. 

Routes from Vilnius to Bari and Rome will not come back as seasonal routes in summer, so these routes are canceled too. Flights from Vilnius to Agadir will end with this winter season as it was announced earlier. 

This is a huge turnaround for an airline who was expanding for years. It looks, Wizz Air does not care to fight for leader position in Lithuania anymore (as their strategy is to be a leader in all CEE markets). 

This list of cancelations is not key for connectivity and Vilnius can survive without them. 

There is a risk for the future: Ryanair may follow with capacity reductions when their main competitor is downsizing.

At the same time, it is an opportunity for some legacy airlines to fight back their market share. But is there any with an interest?

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