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Land border between Estonia, Russia fully marked

BC, Tallinn, 06.02.2018.Print version
The marking of Estonia's land border with Russia was fully completed by the end-2017, informs LETA/BNS.

"The locations of all border posts of the land border along the border section in southeastern Estonia have been marked and by the end of 2017 all 567 border posts had been installed," spokespeople for the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board said.


The marking of the border regime area on the eastern lakes was concluded in spring 2017, during which altogether 176 spar buoys were set afloat.


"The locations of 144 border posts on the bank of the Narva River and on the small islands have been pre-marked and altogether 39 border posts have been installed. The works will be concluded in the first half of 2018," spokespeople for the Police and Border Guard Board said.


The length of the Estonian-Russian land border section is 135.6 kilometers, of which 101 kilometers is swamps and bogs. The lake border on Lake Peipsi is 124.2 kilometers long and the border along the Narva River is 76.4 kilometers long.


It was announced on Thursday that according to calculations made by the Police and Border Guard Board, the construction of Estonia's eastern border could cost 2.5 times more than initially planned and the Interior Ministry has launched an audit to find out why the construction is to cost 118 million euros more than the initial estimate, amounting to 197 million euros. According to director general of the Police and Border Guard Board Elmar Vaher, the project became more expensive than initially planned mainly as a result of unexpectedly harsh natural conditions on the border, like marshy lands, high ground water, the need for new access roads and power lines, transferring new land, which was not considered in such detail when forecasting a preliminary indicative price.


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