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Latvia bans import of mink, raw mink skin

BC, Riga, 17.11.2020.Print version
The Cabinet of Ministers and the Crisis Management Council in Latvia today decided to ban import of mink and raw mink skin by the end of the state of emergency, informs LETA.

The Education and Science Ministry said in its annotation that on November 5 the Danish Foreign Ministry informed Latvia on broad Covid-19 outbreaks in Danish mink farms. Since June 2020, Denmark registered several Covid-19 outbreaks in mink farms and transmission of the virus between mink and people. 

By November 4, 207 mink farms reported Covid-19 infections.

The Danish government also reported that five mink farms and 12 persons living in the vicinity of the farms developed new Covid-19 mutations. The mutations might impact the efficiency of the potential vaccines. The Danish authorities are further researching the matter.

In order to curb spread of the virus, especially its new mutations, the government decided on additional safety measures, including ban on import of mink and raw mink skin.

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